“Lack of humanity with Holacracy”: Are you serious?

Holacracy is neither inhuman nor human, it’s just a tool, a framework, and a powerful one that incorporates and values individual sovereignty**. It is like a hammer: you may knock in a nail or hit someone else with it. It is your choice, you are the one deciding what to do with the hammer. Would you blame the hammer for being inhuman? Or would you blame the person using that hammer to hurt someone else?
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Bernard Marie CHIQUET has been an entrepreneur and manager of large corporations (Executive Director of CAPGEMINI, Senior Partner in Ernst & Young, President of Gedas, a branch of Volkswagen) for over twenty years. He founded iGi Partners in 2007 and since 2010 has promoted Holacracy in Europe. He trained in mediation (CAP’M), executive coaching (HEC), sociocracy and collective intelligence (JF Noubel). He is also a Master Coach in Holacracy (the only one in Europe). His specialties: executive coaching, mediation, conflict resolution, training and coaching in structure & organization, organizational design, tension management, agility and Holacracy.
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