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Holacracy, liberating a Business from chains at all levels to go "Up, Up, Up"!

In Holacracy, we have the freedom to make a difference, to change the way a role works and express you need. You have complete authority on your role to do whatever it takes to get the job done well and no one can tell you otherwise nor has the right to do it in your place because it is your space, your role, you know it best therefore it is now your sole responsibility to energize and improve it.
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Holacracy : review of Brian Robertson’s book

Brian Robertson’s book on a management system with better performances has just come out in French in a translation to which we contributed greatly in order to ensure a consistent message. This book leaves no one indifferent: a clear organizational structure for a distributed decision-making process, bye-bye to the “little dictators” and hello to intrapreneurship

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Margaux is one of the first and youngest certified Holacracy Coach (since mid-2013). She was invited to join iGi as a full partner in february 2011. She began by filling the Communication & Marketing role, and now holds about 30 roles throughout the organization with an increasing range of authority and focus. She is now mainly involved in the implementation of Holacracy by coaching and helping clients catalyze their learning. On top of iGi, Margaux is a professional mediator (certified CAP’M).
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« It is time to offer a new wind to the generation that will follow us »

For many managers, there is no denying this observation — our organizations operate on the same model as at the beginning of the 20th century, encouraging hierarchical models. And yet the environment in 2013 has totally changed; time has sped up, communication tools provide instant access to information; it appears more important and useful to know how to access...
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Christophe Mistou, currently the Brands & Product Development Director for the Kingfisher Group, has been working in the mass retailing sector for 20 years. When he was Sales Director at Castorama France at the head of a team of 350 people, he was looking for a new model that would enable him to simplify his organizations and his processes to gain in agility and effectiveness. In 2011, he met Bernard Marie Chiquet and discovered Holacracy. He then decided to experiment this new organization model within his management team; the first positive effects showed up in the 3rd month. In 2013, given this success, he renewed this challenge by applying it in his new position at the Kingfisher Group.
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  • In November 2014, Scarabée Biocoop, a cooperative of four (4) stores, three (3) restaurants and one (1) delicatessen trade, decided to experiment Holacracy, a new managerial technology, with iGi...

  • People very often think that the main difficulty with the shift of system of authority involved in Holacracy stems from managers (those who used to make all the decisions and tell the others what to...