Holacracy an equiped metamodel to reinvent your organization

Since the “Bonheur au Travail (French)” (Workplace Happiness) report was broadcast by ARTE, the “teal organization” (referring to Frédéric Laloux’s book Reinventing Organizations) phenomenon appears to have become all the rage. Chronoflex, Poult, IMA Tech, FAVI, Harley Davidson, Lippi, Michelin, KIABI, WL Gore, Auchan, etc. are all mentioned as being “teal organizations”, a term that is sometimes mistakenly confused with “Holacracy”, a new managerial technology implemented at Zappos, Scarabée Biocoop, talkSpirit...
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Margaux is one of the first and youngest certified Holacracy Coach (since mid-2013). She was invited to join iGi as a full partner in february 2011. She began by filling the Communication & Marketing role, and now holds about 30 roles throughout the organization with an increasing range of authority and focus. She is now mainly involved in the implementation of Holacracy by coaching and helping clients catalyze their learning. On top of iGi, Margaux is a professional mediator (certified CAP’M).
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